Teen Wolf Team Teases Steamy Shower Scene, Opens Up About Show's 'Sad' Sendoff (and That Possible Reboot!)

“It’s important to teach good hygiene.” That is how one Teen Wolf cast member explained away the steamy shower encounter glimpsed in promos for the MTV drama’s final run of 10 episodes, premiering Sunday, July 30 at 8/7c.

Speaking with Senior Digital Editor Andy Swift at TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite, series creator Jeff Davis called the apparent Scott/Malia hookup “a natural progression,” explaining that with things winding down, there’s a want to “go down paths you’ve never gone down before.” (And if any “Stalia” fans are reaching for pitchforks? “Bring it on!” he says.)

Elsewhere in the above video Q&A: Tyler Posey considers Stiles’ possible reaction to the aforementioned illicitness (“I’d think it was adorable”); Dylan Sprayberry talks about Liam’s love going missing; Cody Christian ponders why everybody seems to love Theo; and Davis shares the latest on the brand-new, so-soon “reboot” talk — any why reinventing the series would be “incredibly hard” for him.

Also, Posey and the others preview “nostalgic, warm and whole… and sad” series finale coming your way.

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