The Originals Season 5 Time Jump: Meet the Actress Playing Teenage Hope

The Originals Spoilers

Hope Mikaelson is, indeed, about to hit a major growth spurt.

As TVLine recently reported, The Originals‘ fifth season will begin with a time jump, one that will introduce viewers to a much older version of Klaus and Hayley’s daughter. And now, thanks to EW.com, we know that she’ll be played by 17-year-old series regular Danielle Rose Russell (The Last Tycoon).

Initially introduced to viewers as a baby in the show’s first season, Hope was eventually aged up (via another time jump!) and played to perfection by Summer Fontana in Season 4.

The CW drama’s fourth season ended with the Mikaelsons being forcibly scattered to the winds, and Hope being enrolled at Alaric and Caroline’s Mystic Falls-based school for supernatural tinies, so it’s anyone’s guess how Hope will inevitably reunite with the rest of her family.

Your thoughts on grown-up Hope? The show’s future in general? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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