Deadliest Catch Sneak Peek: 'Wave' Goodbye to the Wizard Crew?

If turnabout really is fair play, it’s only fitting that big waves would slam Keith Colburn, the tempestuous Deadliest Catch captain who’s so well known for making them.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode (airing at 9/8c on Discovery), the Wizard’s skipper, hoping against hope to make his quota, is driven by low crab counts to chart a course for the heart of a raging storm — a 450 mile-wide arctic blast, we are told! As you’ll see for yourself, the string that his crew is hauling in the clip just “is not gonna finish the trip for us,” he sighs.

Unfortunately, moving from bad to worse weather puts the boat on a collision course with the kind of waves that can do a whole lot more than make a deckhand want to upchuck. Press PLAY on the video above to get an eyeful for yourself, then hit the comments. Would you have the nerve to head toward a storm?

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