Younger Sneak Peek: Will Josh Get Under Montana to Get Over Liza?

It looks like Kelsey isn’t the only young lady on Josh’s to-do list anymore.

In TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday’s Younger (TV Land, 9/8c), Liza’s ex-boyfriend gets acquainted with Maggie’s assistant Montana — and he likes what he says. In typical Josh fashion, he isn’t even shy about it, letting out an enthusiastic “Damn!” before his friendly neighborhood barista is even out of earshot.

The sneak peek also features a surprisingly emotional moment between Josh and Maggie, who has a much easier time prying his feelings out than Kelsey or Liza ever will. That relationship really messed him up, but at least Josh and Maggie seem to have gotten a nice friendship out of it. #Joggie

(Bonus scoop: Despite Liza’s previous assertion that Maggie isn’t done trying to get into Montana’s pants, series creator Darren Star assures TVLine that a Josh-Maggie-Montana threesome is, for better or worse, not in the cards.)

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