Degrassi Finale: Hurricane Esme Hits Graduation — Which Couples Survived?

Degrassi: Next Class Finale

The last 24 minutes of Degrassi: Next Class‘ fourth season delivered pretty much everything you could possibly want in a finale: prom, dramz and actual bombs. (Well, an actual bomb threat. But that’s still pretty messed up, even by this show’s standards.)

The finale picked up immediately after Zig’s tumble down the hill, with Maya happening upon an out-of-her-mind Esme, who somehow blamed Maya for the “accident.” In a somewhat full-circle act of bravery, Maya traversed the treacherous hill (and in heels, no less!) to rescue her unconscious ex.

(Side question: Which Degrassi faculty members still think it’s a good idea to hold school-sanctioned dances? Have they already forgotten the infamous Snowball lockdown of Season 1? Or the time Adam was shot by Bianca’s ex-boyfriend at prom? Or when that casino-themed dance was shut down because Fitz pulled a knife on Eli and Clare?)

Anyway, Esme retreated to Hollingsworth Manor to brainstorm insane new ways to win back Zig, eventually working her one-speed brain to the point of exhaustion. And just when it looked like she wouldn’t be attending graduation, she crawled out of her little shame hole to present Zig with a gift: a new motorcycle… which she smashed to pieces after finally accepting (I think?) that he really doesn’t love her. (Personally, I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Esme ride that damn hog straight into the gymnasium for an epic graduation interruption, but I’ll take what I can get.)

After that mess, it was relatively smooth sailing for Maya and Zig, neither of whom are exactly sure what they want to do with their futures. But if that shot of the couple driving together in the post-graduation montage is any indication, they’ll be facing those uncertain futures together.

And here’s how things turned out for everybody else…

Degrassi: Next Class Finale* It was a finale of major highs and crushing lows for Zoë, who used the confidence she gained from winning prom queen to invite her mom to graduation. It seemed like fences were finally being mended, but Zoë’s hopes were dashed when her dad showed up to give her a box of documents — things she needed for college university — essentially implying that Zoë’s mother wanted nothing more to do with her. Fortunately, even after a rocky valedictorian speech, Zoë was reminded that her friends are members of her family, too. And more good news: Per the social-media montage at the end of the finale, it looks like she and Rasha are still going strong post-graduation.

* Grace got a new set of lungs, and Jonah stood by her side every step of the way.

* Tristan stuck around to officially earn his high school diploma — with a little help from his hospital roomie.

* Miles and Winston indeed backpacked through Europe, posting all sorts of ridiculous photos along the way. And probably making out when no one was looking, what do I know?

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