Killjoys Sneak Peek: Johnny Is Hot for His New, 'Sexy Wolfman' Self

Killjoys Season 3

Johnny is aghast to learn that a part of him could be “manned up,” in this exclusive sneak peek from Syfy’s Killjoys.

In this week’s episode — airing Friday at 8/7c and titled “A Skinner, Darkley” — Johnny’s (Aaron Ashmore) ongoing search to discover what happened to Clara leads him to the Livio Surgical Spa. There, he masquerades as a man looking to “try on another face for a day,” in hopes of getting some answers.

But first, he needs to hear out the spa boss (played by “bionic pop artist” Viktoria Modesta) and her assistant, as they very honestly survey his areas for possible improvement. Press play to witness Johnny’s hilarious (and slightly sexual?) reaction to the “new” him.

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