Pretty Little Liars: 20 Couples Ranked From Grossest to Greatest

Pretty Little Liars Best Worst Couples

If there’s one thing Pretty Little Liars enjoys serving up more than red herrings, it’s problematic pairings.

The fact is, even the Freeform drama’s most beloved pairings have had to weather more scandals and hardships than the average real-life relationship could ever survive — you know, unless teacher-student hookups, forced inseminations and mental asylum-based affairs are more common than I give them credit for.

With Pretty Little Liars‘ series finale now just hours away (it all goes down tonight at 8/7c!), TVLine is taking one last look at 20 of Rosewood’s most memorable couples — for better or worse — and putting them all under our Giant Magnifying Glass of Scrutiny™.

(Disclaimer: We went with what we consider to be 20 of the most relevant couples in PLL history. There’s always a chance we left out some of your favorites, and for that, we have a comments section.)

Browse our gallery of Rosewood couples, ranked from grosses to greatest — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own best and worst pairings below.

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