Raven's Home Extended Trailer Spices Things Up With Dance Parties, Drones

Raven Baxter’s psychic abilities prove to be as imperfect as ever in the extended trailer for Disney Channel’s Raven’s Home.

The latest footage from the That’s So Raven spinoff (premiering Friday, July 21 at 10/9c) offers Raven a chance to give everyone living under her roof a proper introduction, including son Booker, who also has visions. Booker is a confident kid — perhaps too confident — as seen when he starts boasting about his good looks and proclaims to be the “slam dunk master.” (Anyone else getting serious Cory vibes?) Luckily, twin sister Mia is there to keep him in check.

Raven also introduces viewers to “son of a Chelsea” Levi, who is her bestie’s only child. Last but not least is next door neighbor Tess, who’s practically the annoying older sister Levi never had.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the new Raven’s Home trailer, then tell us if you’ll be tuning in this July.