Vampire Diaries Series Finale: Watch a Deleted Stefan/Caroline Moment

#TVDForever really is taking on a whole new meaning.

The CW on Friday released a deleted moment from The Vampire Diaries‘ series finale — which aired more than three months ago — that’s sure to appease disappointed fans of Stefan and Caroline’s relationship. (I mean, Stefan doesn’t magically come back to life or anything, but it’s still nice.)

Basically, it’s from the moment where s–t really starts to hit the fan, with Matt carrying out the Mystic Falls evacuation procedure. It’s still Stefan and Caroline’s wedding night — and it certainly hasn’t turned out the way either of them expected it to.

“In case things get chaotic later, I love you Mr. Salvatore,” she says, to which he instinctively responds, “and I love you, Mrs. Forbes-Salvatore.”

And when Caroline notes that she never told him what she wanted her new name to be, he simply replied, “Come on, I know who I married.”

Executive producer Julie Plec, who penned the drama’s final hour, explained the scene’s deletion on Twitter:

Hit PLAY on the new clip above, then drop a comment below: Now that you’ve had three months to sleep on it, how do you feel about the way The Vampire Diaries wrapped its eight-season run?

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