The Blacklist's Megan Boone: I'm Not 'Shading' Spader by Lobbying for Better Representation in Promos

Blacklist Boone Spader Promos

Megan Boone only seeks better representation for The Blacklist‘s female lead, and is not “shading” costar James Spader, with her recent series of tweets taking aim at NBC’s Red-centric promos.

Boone’s (highly entertaining) crusade began on Monday, when she quoted a tweet from the NBC drama’s official feed that touted, “He’s back and more determined than ever” — and added, “She’s back and more determined than ever.” (Our emphasis added.)

Other similar tweets followed, “Liz-ifying” Red-centric promos and always hashtagged to support #WomenInFilm:

Ultimately (and sadly, predictably), Boone was pressed to clearly explain (womansplain?) her endeavor, saying that she was not dismissing or even diminishing Spader’s standing as the male lead, but simply suggesting that (five seasons in, TVLine will note) she and Liz deserve to be featured “in step”:

Do you stand with Boone in her bid to balance things out?

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