Better Call Saul Sneak Peek: Jimmy Woos a Client — With Cat Cookies!

If you have to deliver bad news, it helps to have a freshly-baked purchased batch of cat-shaped cookies on hand to soften the blow.

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In this exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s Better Call Saul (AMC, 10/9c), Jimmy pilots his beat-up car to the Sandpiper Crossing retirement home, where he pops open a store-bought box of cute cat cookies and carefully arranges them on a paper plate, wrapping them in foil to make them look homemade. Then he knocks on the door of former client Mrs. Landry and greets her with an Eddie Haskell level of ass-kissing: “You’re looking lovely as ever!”

She welcomes him in, where he tells her these cookies he just made himself — yeah, right — “look just like your Felix.” And Mrs. Landry agrees. But what is Jimmy buttering her up for? To break the news that his law license is suspended? Or to offer her some off-the-books legal guidance? (Under the name of Saul Goodman, perhaps?)

Press PLAY on the exclusive clip above for a preview of tonight’s episode, then hit the comments: What does Jimmy have up his sleeve for old Mrs. Landry?  

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