RuPaul's Drag Race Preview: Who Told Peppermint She'd Never Work Again?

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Friday’s Drag Race (VH1, 8/7c) promises to be a battle royale — not that we’d expect anything less from this pack of ambitious queens — but before all hell breaks loose, RuPaul is getting to know his final four a little better. First up: Peppermint!

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode, in which Peppermint shares one of the biggest obstacles she’s had to overcome as both a drag performer and a trans woman.

She recalls, “A really well-known and respected queen back in New York said, ‘Are you transitioning? If you are, I’ll support you.’ Then she immediately said, ‘But you know you’ll never work in the gay community again as a drag queen.'”

Hit PLAY on the clip below to find out how those words have affected Peppermint in the competition, then cast your vote for the queen you want to win.

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