Rachel Bloom Rejects Award Shows (Not Really) in New Music Video

Rachel Bloom doesn’t care about the Emmys… and she’s prepared to sing for three minutes to prove it.

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star just released a new music video — which you can watch above — where she insists she has too much artistic integrity to campaign for a dumb award. (When her publicist suggests she could do a music video, Bloom snaps: “My music vahdios are not for anyone’s amusement!”)

Then, of course, she breaks into song, detailing exactly how little she cares about hitting the award-show red carpet: “I don’t have the inkling of a yen/I’d rather sit in my den/Wearing black and reading ancient Grecian plays.” All the while, she’s getting dolled up by hair and makeup artists — and trying out a few foreign accents, we couldn’t help but notice.

Bloom eventually ends up on stage accepting an award… given to the person who cares the least about award shows. (And doesn’t that award looks an awful lot like an Emmy?)

Press PLAY on the video above to see Bloom in action, then drop your thoughts on Bloom’s Emmy chances — and ancient Grecian plays — in the comments. 

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