Sesame Street Puts a Kid-Friendly Spin on Orange Is the New Black — Watch

If you can’t wait for Orange Is the New Black to return this Friday, we might have a small snack to tide you over for a while.

Sesame Street has taken aim at the Netflix prison dramedy with a tasty new puppet-filled parody entitled Orange Is the New Snack, which you can watch above. In it, a girl named Piper Snackman is sent to Litchfield Penitentiary Academy, where she meets her new classmates like “Googly Eyes” (ha!) and a Morello clone who puts a tiny groom’s outfit on Piper’s orange and pretends it’s her boyfriend “Christopher.” (Plus, how great are those opening credits?)

Piper ruffles some feathers at Litchfield, though, when she refuses Red’s kind offer of a cookie at snack time, opting for the healthier choice of an orange. Eventually, everyone thanks Piper for introducing them to a new healthy snack… but the ruckus she causes leads to her getting thrown in the SHU. (Which, here, is a literal shoe.)

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Sesame Street‘s G-rated take on OITNB, then drop your thoughts in a comment below.