Gotham Recap: Bruce Meets Ra's, [Spoiler] Dies, a True Identity Is Revealed and Other Finale Twists

Gotham Recap Season 3 Finale

Gotham‘s Season 3 finale on Monday night uncorked several twists — but not one that some fans may have been anticipating. 

Because despite some 10-month-old rumblings, given new life in recent weeks by reports from a fan convention, the villainess Harley Quinn — not even a “proto” version of her — was nowhere to be seen in the two-hour season ender. (On the “hunt” for any half-of-a-half of a Harley Quinn tease, I even surmised Barbara’s electrocution was meant to be a nod. But I have since been assured it was not, nor are there any plans at this time for HQ to surface on the TV series.)

That said, there was still plenty going on, including:

* In the wake of Alfred offing the Shaman/leader of the Court of Owls, Bruce gave the butler the cold shoulder, just barely shrugging off Alfred’s attempt to revisit warm, fuzzy memories. During some mayhem at the cop shop (caused by a Tetched-up Alvarez), Bruce slipped off to find the Yuyan building and seek out the Demon’s Head — thinking it to be an ornate secret door, and not a person. But soon enough, he met up with Ra’s al Ghul, who implored Bruce to fulfill his destiny — to be his heir, his “knight in the darkness” — by driving a sword through a captured Alfred. Still in his fugue state, Bruce did just that, only to “snap out of it” the instant he had slain his manservant. Ra’s hinted at more tutelage to come for Bruce, before suggesting the lad use the Lazarus Pit waters to seal up Alfred’s wound. And then he vanished.

Later at the hospital, Alfred was properly stitched up. In a discussion about Bruce’s wayward path as of late, the fellas got to talking about having a “true north” to guide them — and for Alfred, that is Master Bruce. Bruce in turn needs to find that which he would protect at all costs, and let that guide him. And as the hour closes, we see Bruce, clad head to toe in black, thwart an alley mugging not unlike his parents’, before clambering to a rooftop to survey the city’s dark night….

* Infected with the Alice Tetch virus, Jim did his best to dial it in so that he and Harvey could seek out 1) Lee and 2) a cure for the city’s infected. That put them — as well as Fish — on Professor Strange’s trail, but the latter found him first. In a skirmish between Jim/Harvey, Fish and her minions and some League of Shadows members, a crazed Jim fatally stabbed Fish, and the vials of concentrated cure got shattered. The only way for Strange to create more is to get his hands on Jervis Tetch himself.

That set the stage for a trade — Tetch for Penguin, whom Riddler planned to off. But in the shootout that erupted once Babs arrived to crash the party, Penguin gained the upper hand and sped off with Edward locked up in the back seat of a patrol car. Nygma picked his handcuffs and went to shoot Penguin down on the docks, but Penguin foresaw his frenemy’s compulsion to revisit that murder, and made sure the gun was empty. Freeze then showed up to turn Edward into the icy centerpiece for Penguin’s new Iceberg Lounge.

* After his first attempt to jab Lee with the cure got waylaid by some heavy petting and kissing, Jim planned to leave Gotham with his lady love. Harvey tried to stop him, leading to a knock-down, drag-out fight between the two,  during which Bullock slipped Jim two fresh vials of the cure. Aboard the train, Jim eventually decided to inject Lee, and then himself. Lee, though, wound up leaving town anyway, while urging Jim to save the city — and maybe himself as well.

* Tired of being dismissed as a sidekick, and sensing that Barbara had dispatched with her sometime-beau Butch, Tabitha had it out with her partner in this-and-that, ultimately using her whip to lob a light fixture at Babs and fry her up good.

* Brushed off by Bruce one time too many, Selina went to Tabitha, looking to claw her way up the underworld’s ladder. As a first step, she got (quickly) familiar with a whip….

* Despite getting shot at point blank by Barbara, and in the noggin, Butch appears to be clinging onto life — either comatose or braindead. But more interestingly, we learn, his actual name is Cyrus Gold — as in Solomon Grundy….

What did you think of Gotham‘s Season 3 finale?

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