Broad City Gals Curse Out RuPaul, President Trump in Season 4 Trailer

Can we get a “yas queen”?

Comedy Central on Sunday released a new, star-studded trailer for Broad City Season 4, which finds Ilana telling off Drag Race icon RuPaul, and Abbi hiding from country music sensation Shania Twain. Among the other notable guest stars spotted in the 90-second tease? Boardwalk Empire alum Steve Buscemi, Saturday Night Live vet Jane Curtin and black-ish‘s Wanda Sykes.

The expletive-laced trailer also features Ilana cursing out President Donald Trump during a particularly intimate moment.

Broad City returns after 16-month hiatus on Wednesday, Aug. 23 at 10:30/9:30c, following the Season 21 premiere of South ParkPress PLAY on the trailer above, then tell us if you’ll be tuning in this summer.