Once Exit, Arrow Callback, MacFive-0, Chicago Vows, Big News and 25 More Fall TV Predictions: Which Came True?

Fall TV Spoilers

Way, way, wayyyyy back in September, as the plastic film was just being lifted off of the 2016-17 TV season, the TVLine staff did that annual thing we do — proffer our predictions, for no fewer than 30 different shows.

We made our best educated guesses about Once Upon a Time conjuring a major exit, Arrow coming full circle, a big Grey’s Anatomy reveal, the target of The Walking Dead‘s barbed bat, the disappearance of Criminal Minds‘ Hotch, Designated Survivor rocking the Nielsen vote, a sapphic Supergirl romance and more.

Where did TVLine outright nail it, where did we come up a bit short, and in what instances were we just plain wrong? Spoiler alert: Last time around, we demonstrated a 30 percent success rate. This year: A slightly less clairvoyant-y 28 percent. (Strip down more often, Father Tomas!)

In the attached slideshow (or click here for direct access), we present our original predictions exactly as they were published in mid-September, accompanied by each outcome.

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