Felicity Reunion Video: Are Keri Russell and Scott Speedman Game for a 'Gilmore Girlsy' Encore?

Is Keri Russell ready to fire up the ol’ curling iron?

The Americans star was reunited with fellow Felicity grad Scott Speedman on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live (no word on the whereabouts of TV’s Scott Foley), and it didn’t take long for the host to ask about a potential revival.

“Will you do a Gilmore Girlsy thing on Netflix?” Kimmel asked, resulting in cheers and hollers from the studio audience.

“I would do it, [but] some people are on really high-class shows,” Speedman said jokingly, with a nod to Russell’s prestige cable gig. “I’ll do it in a heartbeat. I’ll be on Lifetime in no time!”

Russell herself never weighs in on the possibility of revisiting her breakout role, but does appear amazed when Kimmel points out that it has been nearly two decades since the debut of the classic WB drama. (For the fact-checkers at home: Felicity doesn’t officially turn 20 until September 2018, but it did just mark the 15-year anniversary of its series finale on May 22.)

Speedman, who currently stars on TNT’s Animal Kingdom, later recounted being a “disaster” of a real-life boyfriend to Russell during their time together on Felicity, alluding to his own reaction to her infamous Season 2 haircut (as seen in the second clip below).

Watch excerpts from Russell and Speedman’s Jimmy Kimmel Live sit-down above, then drop a comment and tell us if you’d be interested in a Felicity revival.