Conan Tries to Get In Wonder Woman Shape With Gal Gadot — WATCH

Has Wonder Woman found a new gym buddy in The Flaming C?

Conan O’Brien joined Gal Gadot for what was meant to be an intense workout on Thursday, where he attempted get in Wonder Woman-esque shape in “about 35 minutes.”

“When I called and said, ‘would you meet me in a warehouse,’ I was shocked that you said yes,” O’Brien deadpanned, before asking Gadot what she thought were his strengths and weaknesses. “Very weak legs,” she replied without hesitation, a statement that her personal trainer would reinforce just moments later.

What followed was an admittedly unorthodox training sesh, involving sword play, Israeli folk dancing and CGI bullet dodging. Afterwards, O’Brien showed off his own superhero getup to the DC Comics heroine, before partaking in the slowest mechanical bull ride ever.

Press PLAY on the clip above to see if O’Brien managed to get in tip-top shape.

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