Supergirl Stars Preview Clark and Kara's Season Finale Showdown

Supergirl Season 2 Finale

The final battle (of the season) has finally arrived: Kara and Rhea will face off one last time on Monday’s Supergirl season finale (The CW, 8/7c), while the fate of Earth — or, you know, New Daxam — hangs in the balance.

But before Kara goes toe-to-toe with her boyfriend’s mother, she has to deal with her own family drama — specifically, she has to fight off her cousin, who ended last week’s episode by attacking Kara, seemingly under Rhea’s control.

“I was already excited to come back to the show, so when I saw that they’d be fighting, I was just like, ‘OK, I guess this is happening,’” Tyler Hoechlin (aka Superman) tells TVLine. “I was definitely taken by surprise.”

Hoechlin was not surprised, however, by his sparring partner’s skills: “She does this 22 times a year,” he acknowledges. “She works hard, and she’s had a lot of practice.” (Melissa Benoist tells TVLine she’s “flattered” by Hoechlin’s high praise, as “he’s the real fighter.”)

And here’s another reason to get excited about Superman’s return to National City: He finally gets to meet his cousin’s boyfriend!

“Chris Wood’s character, I think, was unconscious the entire time I was there at the beginning of the season,” Hoechlin says. “So it was nice to actually have him joining the group — another dynamic personality to add to the mix.”

As for whether or not Clark will get along with Mon-El, Hoechlin reminds us how open-minded Superman is: “He has enough confidence to be OK with a Daxamite fighting alongside him. And he trusts Kara, so I think he also trusts that she’d pick a good guy.”

(Bonus scoop: There seems to be a large number of fans concerned about Wood’s future with the show, to which Benoist tells us, “I don’t think you should be too worried.”)

But if you’re hoping that Monday’s episode will tie up every loose end, think again. As Benoist reminds us, “It wouldn’t be a Supergirl finale without a cliffhanger.”

What are your hopes for the show’s second season ender? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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