Celine Dion Crushes 'My Heart Will Go On' at 2017 BBMAs — Watch and Grade

Celine Dion BBMAs 2017

Some of today’s biggest divas were present and accounted for at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards — but none could hold a candle to Celine Dion, who delivered a performance of *ahem* Titanic proportions.

Twenty years after the release of the James Cameron blockbuster, Dion graced the stage for a powerful performance of the film’s theme, “My Heart Will Go On,” which won the singer three Billboard Music Awards in 1998. (It was also the world’s best-selling single in 1998, for what it’s worth.)

Surrounded by hanging crystals — and wearing one of the most exquisite, puffy-sleeved gowns ever sewn by human hands — Dion breathed every word of the timeless classic, as scenes from the film played behind her. And if you were worried about her still being able to hit those killer high notes, shame on you for doubting Dion. She crushed them.

Speaking with Billboard before her performance, Dion said, “I’m more than thrilled — I’m ecstatic, and very honored to be here.”

Watch footage of Dion’s performance below, then grade it and drop a comment with your full review.

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