Grey's Anatomy: The 15 Biggest Moments From Season 13, Ranked

greys anatomy season 13 biggest moments

Now that the smoke has cleared in the wake of Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 13 finale, there are but two things we can do to tide us over until the ABC drama’s fall return: 1) Eagerly anticipate Season 14 spoilers, and 2) Reflect on the season past.

Any way you slice ’em, the last 24 episodes were a wild ride, one that committed Meredith to a new relationship that might have been doomed before it had even begun, reunited April and Jackson, if only for a night, and set up Arizona with arguably the most polarizing love interest in the show’s history. Oh, and we can’t forget the worms. Seriously, we can’t. We’ve tried.

But which of Season 13’s many memorable moments were the biggest, most shocking and impactful? Click on the attached gallery — or click here for direct access — to see our picks (and pics), then hit the comments with any omissions you’d have included.

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