Supergirl Finale Photos: Kara Reunites With Mon-El, Brawls With Superman

Supergirl Season Finale

Kara and Clark are taking their family feud to the next level in the final hour of Supergirl‘s second season.

Picking up where the Girl of Steel left off, Monday’s finale (The CW, 8/7c) finds the Supers literally at each other’s throats, though it remains a mystery as to who — or what — is controlling Clark’s alter ego. (An educated guess would say the culprit rhymes with Sheri Hatcher, but that’s just one reporter’s opinion.)

Fortunately, as you’ll see in our gallery of 24 new finale photos, Superman eventually comes to his senses in time to help in the battle against Rhea. And speaking of the queen, it won’t be long before Kara and Mon-El are back in each other’s arms.

Additional highlights from the gallery include Cat and James making a disturbing discovery, as well as Cat barely holding it together around Clark “Kansas Dreamboat” Kent.

Browse the season finale photos — you can click here for direct access to the gallery — then drop a comment with your hopes for the episode below.

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