Cancelled Shows, Fun Facts! The Quickest Deaths, the 'Worst' Renewal, Hottest Discussions and More

Cancelled Shows Ratings

As the broadcast TV networks prepared to unveil their shiny new schedules for the 2017-18 season, when all was said and done more than three dozen shows had been invited to take a dirt nap. So let’s exhume their corpses, shall we?

Which freshman show was first to get very bad news? And which one “enjoyed” the very shortest run?

Which cancellation stirred the most discussion among TVLine readers? And which axing failed to stick? What was the strongest show to get shown the door, and which were the weakest performers to get invited back to the big dance?

TVLine took a trip down to the TV morgue and crunched the numbers, to deliver this review (click here for direct access) of the year’s cancellations as well as evaluate the freshman class as a whole — including the new shows that have been sitting on the shelf for… a long while.

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