2 Broke Girls' Lost Season 7 Casting Surprise: Cher as Max's MIA Mother

2 Broke Girls Season 7 Cher

If only they could turn back time…

The Powers That Be behind 2 Broke Girls, which was cancelled by CBS late Friday after six seasons, had been in very preliminary discussions with Cher to guest star in a potential seventh season as the MIA mother of Kat Dennings’ Max, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The character was originally intended to debut at the end of the series’ just-wrapped sixth (and now final) season, but exec producer Michelle Nader confirmed to TVLine at the time that casting issues forced them to delay her arrival. “We didn’t find the right person,” Nader said. “We’ve waited a long time to [meet her], so it’s got to be somebody amazing.”

Sources tell TVLine that there are no current plans to find 2 Broke Girls a new home, which means we’ll likely never get to see Cher (or any other actress) play Max’s mom. It’s probably little consolation, but TVLine has obtained the original casting breakdown for the role. The notice was released prior to Season 6’s 18th episode, which is when Max was originally slated to be reunited with her mom.

[DIANE KING]Late 40s-70s, she’s Max Black’s mother. She’s an attractive woman who will never tell you her age, or the whole truth. She’s incredibly charming and very street smart. You see where Max gets it. LOOKING FOR RECOGNIZABLE NAMES/FACES. GUEST STAR