Teen Wolf Sneak Peek: A New Enemy Hunts Scott's Pack in Season 6B Teaser

Teen Wolf is going from kill-or-be-killed to hunt-and-be-hunted as it barrels towards its series finale.

Ahead of Sunday’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, the network released a first look at the drama’s final episodes, which begin airing this summer. An exact premiere date remains TBD.

This new Season 6B teaser starts innocently enough, with Scott and his pack — in this case, Lydia and Malia — tracking down a killer in the woods. Pretty standard fare for a night out in Beacon Hills.

But it’s not long before Scott realizes they’re not alone out there — that someone, several someones actually, is hunting them down. And they’re shooting to kill.

“It’s something new, but also old,” Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis tells TVLine of Season 6B. “Scott and his supernatural friends become pariahs once again. They’re feared and hunted. It’s very much a season of fear. Our inspiration was H.P. Lovecraft, so you’re going to be seeing a lot of dark horror. We have some really disgusting stuff coming up.”

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