The 100 Preview: Deadliest Episode Yet Highlights 'How Far Octavia Has Come'

The 100 Season 4

Wednesday’s episode of The 100, a clan-on-clan fight to the death, is among the biggest and bloodiest in the series’ history — and star Marie Avgeropoulos has the battle scars to prove it.

“My toenail is still black,” Octavia’s portrayer tells TVLine. “There’s a part in the episode where I throw a table down to use as an obstacle to drive someone off. Two takes in, that thing lands on my foot. I’ve been painting my toenail black ever since.”

But Avgeropoulos says the pain was “totally worth it,” referring to the episode as her favorite one to shoot yet. In addition to showing off her character’s skills as a warrior (“a lot of this week’s deaths are at Octavia’s hand”), it also finds her at her most vulnerable.

“Octavia has some incredible, dynamic scenes with a few characters, including Bellamy and Indra,” Avgeropoulos says. “I really feel that it shows the audience how far Octavia has come since Season 1, how incredible her transformation has been,” she adds. “Honestly, this episode feels like more of an action movie than an episode of television.” (Editor’s note: It really, really does.)

Avgeropoulos says she went into the table read completely blind, and she was just as surprised as you (will be) by some of the episode’s darker twists.

“Part of the fun and excitement about playing Octavia is that I never know what’s coming next,” she adds. “And it’s sad to see people go, but on The 100, you never know who’s going to die.”

What are your hopes (and fears) for Wednesday’s mini war? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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