Prison Break Video: Lincoln Demands Answers From His 'Dead' Brother!

This week on Fox’s Prison Break, Lincoln asks his brother Michael the 10 million rial question — and demands an answer!

In this exclusive sneak peek from Episode 5 of the nine-part revival (airing Tuesday at 9/8c), ISIL bombs are bursting not far from where Lincoln (played by Dominic Purcell) and the Ogygia Four are holed up, but things also get pretty explosive inside when Michael (Wentworth Miller) waves off his brother’s wholly understandable inquiries to instead plan their means of escape across the border.

Thing is, no one waves off Lincoln Burrows. And considering the time and effort he has put into saving Michael’s bacon, he wants to know, right here and now, how it is that his brother “died” years ago only to now resurface alive — and in a Yemen prison no less.

Is Michael ready to come clean? And can his brother handle the truth? Press play to see Lincoln lose his cool in the center of a hot zone.

P.S. What if I hinted that what Michael eventually has to say actually answers another burning question about the improbably revived thriller?

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