Girls EP Dismisses 'Ridiculous' Baby Backlash: 'I Won't Even Dignify It'

Girls Series Finale Lena Dunham Hannah Baby Grover

Even in its final episode, Girls still managed to stir up controversy. But executive producer Jenni Konner is done defending it.

The HBO comedy’s series finale saw Lena Dunham’s Hannah welcome her baby boy Grover into the world, but some viewers — including us — questioned how Hannah and her baby daddy Paul-Louis (played by guest star Riz Ahmed) could have had such a dark-skinned baby. Konner refuses to address the backlash, though.

“I’m going to gracefully bow out of the last controversy hopefully we will ever have about Girls,” Konner told the Associated Press at a Lenny Letter event on Monday. “I won’t even dignify it. Ridiculous.”

The baby’s real-life mother took to Twitter (in a since-deleted tweet) to say that the baby is Puerto Rican and Haitian. But Dunham hasn’t commented on the controversy, and Konner prefers to bask in the afterglow of a otherwise well-received final season.

“It’s really nice after all these years of, you know, being pretty divisive, that the general consensus has been pretty positive,” Konner says, “and that’s made us feel really good.”

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