Supernatural Spoilers

Supernatural Boss Talks Winchesters as Generals, Cas' Return and Deadly Fight

After a brief break, Supernatural continues this Thursday (The CW, 8/7c) with a new episode — but for some of Dean and Sam’s pals, it may soon be the end of the road.

When the battle between the hunters and the British Men of Letters starts to cost lives, the brothers must step up as leaders in order to protect their loved ones, executive producer Andrew Dabb previews below.

The EP also teases Mary’s response to being betrayed by Mr. Ketch & Co., Cas’ fight to protect the Winchesters and more.

TVLINE | Mick is dead, and the Brits want all the American hunters killed. So what do the upcoming episodes have in store for the Winchesters and their tentative partnership with the Men of Letters?
It’s obviously a little strained. [The British Men of Letters] want everybody dead. But as they are a massive organization and very corporate in their own way, they’re going about it in a very organizational, methodical way. In Episode 20 [and] 21 into our end run, they start to make those moves and, to be a little vague, people that Sam and Dean know and love pay the price. It’s a way to take this organization and bring the fight home for Sam and Dean and force them to take a role, which they haven’t done that much. Outside of a few friends, they don’t have a lot of contact with the wider hunter community. So it forces our guys into a leadership role. They’ve been soldiers for a long time — and not that they don’t do their fair share of fighting — but toward the end of the season, they’re becoming generals. They’re taking a much stronger role in the wider hunter community as the Brits take the fight to them.

Supernatural SpoilersTVLINE | As this fight is going on between the two sides, where does Mary fall, especially considering what recently transpired between her and Mr. Ketch?
Once things go bad, she feels deeply responsible. She got her kids into this. She brought them in. Once the weight of what happened hits her in a couple weeks, she has all her illusions shattered. We’re not creating a scenario where Mary is bending over backwards to defend the British Men of Letters [or] what they’re doing. But all three of our Winchesters realize the mistake they’ve made, and as soon as they realize it, they start to take action to basically get the hell out of there, to varying degrees of success. Mary, more than Sam and Dean, is on the inside, so her journey out may be a little bit more complicated.

TVLINE | Cas has been in Heaven for a little while now. How will he re-enter the action? And is he any different?
When Cas comes back [in this Thursday’s episode], we’re going to get a lot of clarity in terms of not only why he’s been in Heaven for so long, but his own point of view on why he went. Some people are looking at it like, “He went to Heaven because he’s choosing angels over Sam and Dean,” and things like that. What’s going to come out very strongly when he comes back is that what he’s doing, he views as doing for our guys. That’s been a big part of the season overall: Sam and Dean have proven themselves as heroes, certainly to everyone around them. So whether it’s Cas or Crowley or Mary or Mick until his unfortunate demise or anyone else in our story, these are people who realize Sam and Dean’s importance. Sam and Dean have always been willing to sacrifice for each other. Now we’re seeing a lot of people around them that are willing to sacrifice for Sam and Dean, and it’s really about building a sense of community.

Supernatural SpoilersSo from Cas’ point of view, everything he’s been doing has been for Sam and Dean. When he comes back in, that will be made pretty clear, and then the question is: Where does he go from there? Once he comes back in, he’s going after Kelly. Once he comes into contact with her [and] her kid, a lot of his misconceptions may fall away. A big part of his time in Heaven has been gathering information, but not reorienting his thinking to the point where he’s against Sam and Dean or anything like that. It’s more like having moments of clarity in terms of why he’s doing this and the price he, personally, is willing to pay to keep Sam and Dean alive or to keep them from experiencing pain.

Supernatural SpoilersTVLINE | Kelly has escaped again. Meanwhile in Hell, Lucifer and Crowley’s sparring has been building and building. How will that storyline intensify as you head into the end of the season?
The ticking clock over our final run is the birth of [Lucifer’s] kid. We’ve pinpointed it to late May, coincidentally when our episode airs. As that gets closer and closer, everyone is going to activate more and more. A lot of the moves [the British Men of Letters are] making right now are because they know that something big is coming, the Nephilim is coming. So the reverberations of it are starting to be felt. As we dive deeper into the season, it’s going to be felt more and more and more by all of our different players.

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  1. Pat says:

    Oh God, I hate, hate, hate the British Men of Letters! I wish they never did they never introduced this story into Supernatural. I just want it to end.

    • Pat says:

      Sorry,made an error on the second sentence. It just should say I wished they never introduced this story into Supernatural. I apologize, I am tired.

    • Eric says:

      I disagree totally. It’s been a lot of fun seeing them doing things differently.

      • shinnstoneer says:

        Yes. I don’t like the BMoL at all but the story of them has been a good twist in the SPN universe.

        Last season had a bit of the same sense that the end of the 5th season had as the end of the story. You can’t top fighting God’s sister as the big bad…at least not very easily.

        One of the best moves in making the BMoL the big bad of this season is that they are just humans. Sam and Dean have always been taken aback when one of their cases turned out to be a mere human as the evil.

        Along the way, the show has developed what I suppose will be the big bad of next season. Lucifer’s child.

  2. Thank you TVLine! Great interview. And thank you Mr. Dabb.

    Although, as soon as he said the Devil’s spawn is going to be born in May, I had a sudden “I Love Lucy” flashback:

    Although, somehow I don’t think this is going to be as fun.

    Seriously tho, thanks for the intel on Sam, Dean, Cass, & Mary.

  3. Arthur says:

    So glad to see Cas back – it’s been too long since he was on! Lots of interesting stuff coming up, it sounds like.

    “Some people are looking at it like, “He went to Heaven because he’s choosing angels over Sam and Dean,” and things like that. What’s going to come out very strongly when he comes back is that what he’s doing, he views as doing for our guys.”

    Of course he’s not choosing the angels over Dean and Sam – Heaven isn’t his family anymore, the Winchesters are (and after ep 12.12, everyone should know that). I just hope Dean, Sam, and Cas are ready to protect each other – J2M are the reason I watch the show and have done so for many, many years.

    So Dabb et al.. please keep our boys safe. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Team Free Will in season 13. I know Cas would do anything to keep those boys safe, and I think Dean and Sam would definitely do the same.

  4. Zara says:

    ‘but for some of Dean and Sam’s pals, it may soon be the end of the road’

    Well, we know J2M2 are all signed for next year.. but I wouldn’t mind seeing the BMOL and Mary peace out soon.

    • Jasker says:

      I hadn’t seen anything about M2 resigning for next year. Were their contracts for more than one year? Where did you get that piece of info – it’s a great spoiler for the finale.

    • Ninamags says:

      I’ve heard, or read, that Jensen and Jared are signed on for two more seasons. Nothing has been said about anybody else. I don’t know where you got your info from. Maybe wishful thinking on your part.

  5. David says:

    So, is there anything pertinent to Sam and Dean in here? Because all I’m seeing is Mary, Castiel and the British Men of Letters.

  6. David says:

    So, is there anything pertinent about Sam and Dean here? Because all I’m seeing is about Mary, Castiel and the British Men of Letters.

  7. Paul says:

    I watch for Sam & Dean and I have to say that nothing in that interview makes me excited to watch these upcoming episodes. Way too many secondary characters that I couldn’t care less about. In fact, all of S12 has been far too focused on other characters. Supernatural is at its best when its focused on Sam & Dean.

  8. Paula Stiles says:

    “As that gets closer and closer, everyone is going to activate more and more. A lot of the moves [the British Men of Letters are] making right now are because they know that something big is coming, the Nephilim is coming.”

    Really? Because in the season I’ve been watching, the LoL haven’t the first clue about Lucifer, or what the angels are up to, let alone Kelly and her Demon Baby. They have, in fact, been remarkably clueless and bumbling in everything they’ve done. Murderous, to be sure, but also as stupid as they are arrogant (and they are pretty arrogant).

    Oh, and as if this interview weren’t depressing enough, we have more fridging of “beloved” recurring characters to look forward to! Oh, yay!

    This season has been so awful. Bad pacing. Stupid villains. A few good ideas (like Mary coming back and the Brothers being leaders in the Hunter community) buried under a mountain of crap and nonsensical character motivations. At this point, I’m just waiting for the season to be over and hoping that Dabb and Singer will be fired so we can start fresh next season.

  9. Viv says:

    This sounds like the most boring finale ever. Since they don’ t have the balls to do something really dramatic, what I’m getting from this is ” a bunch of guest stars will die while Sam and Dean stand around looking pretty” and if we’ re real lucky the Lucifer storyline will get re- re- recycled into the next season. The ratings are already at an all time low, does Dabb want to kill the show? I hope we actually do get another writer’ s strike to put the show out of it’ s misery…

  10. Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley & Lucifer can stay. Everyone else, as far as I’m concerned, can go bye bye.

  11. Anne Maher says:

    Love supernatural , but the men of letters and even mary are getting old and a bit boring at this stage…get the boys back tonwhat they do best.get cas back.get the life back into this please

  12. Ninamags says:

    This information doesn’t bode well for all the people we’ve met recently. The deaf hunter, the hunters that were a couple, Sheriff Mills and Sheriff Donna, heck even Rowena and Crowly might be in danger. This sucks.

    Don’t care about anybody else, honestly.

    They turned the BMoL into crap. The potential for them to be true allies was there, but as usual, the writers don’t know how to write for the people that are there. Mary is another one whose appearance has been wasted so far.

    At least the location of the finale looks super picturesque.

  13. April M Payne says:

    Still trying to figure out why Bobby died in the first place?. Then comes back.

  14. Supernatural Fan says:

    I’m sick of Lucifer!!! How many times can this storyline be recycled!! It’s old! I’m definitely sick of watching him and Crowley going back and forth. Just the whole Lucifer storyline is old. Lucifers child is new. So let’s kill off Lucifer and keep the child. I’d even be okay with that!!

  15. Sara says:

    If they kill off Jody Mills I’m out. I’m really tired of them killing the female characters on this show. And time for Mary to go. Lucifer too…getting old.

  16. Lafferty says:

    No, no and no. I just watched the finale. I’m devastated.

  17. Tad says:

    Is this show still on the air? We were done with it years ago. So far off the original “chase down urban myths” storyline. How many times have they died and come back since we’ve stopped watching, I wonder, probably a dozen. We loved this show for the first 3 season, then it just got stupid.