Outlander: First Season 3 Teaser Gives Glimpses of Claire and Jamie's Lonely Lives Apart, Battle Carnage — WATCH

Outlander Trailer Season 3 Teaser Culloden

Outlanders, start yer engines!

Starz on Sunday night aired the first teaser trailer for Season 3 of its time-travel drama, and you can now watch the spot in its entirety below.

In case you’re at work or somewhere with spotty WiFi, we’ll give you an overview of the highlights. (And if you haven’t read the books, warning: Mild spoilers below.)

We see: Jamie during and after the Battle of Culloden, Claire watching something with the hospital staff (including Joe Abernathy!), Bree graduating while a proud Claire and Frank look on, Jamie hugging a kid that’s probably wee William, Jamie firing a gun at someone (probably Lord Ellsmere), the Randall family celebrating one of Bree’s birthdays, Claire running down a hallway in surgical gear, and Jamie yelling, “Claire!” at the sky.

Throughout, audio of Jamie’s “Lord, ye gave me a good woman” speech from last season plays in the background. As it ends, we hear the Scot vow to find his wife again.

Outlander returns in September; a specific date has not yet been announced.

Press PLAY on the teaser below, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the first Season 3 footage.

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