Girls EP on Finale Scene That Landed on the Cutting Room Floor: 'It Was Heartbreaking to Let It Go'

Girls Finale Diner Scene

One of the few images from Girls‘ series finale that HBO released prior to Sunday’s broadcast was of Lena Dunham’s Hannah sitting alone in a suburban New York diner looking defeated (see above). The funny thing is, the swan-song episode featured no such scene. Where’d it go? And what did we miss?

As co-showrunner and executive producer Jenni Konner reveals exclusively to TVLine, the scene — which would’ve marked the onscreen debuts of Dunham and Allison Williams’ longtime stand-ins Cara Guglielmino and Lytle Harper — was “cut for time.” And the loss hit Konner (who co-write and directed the finale) hard.

“We were really happy to put Cara and Lytle in the show and it was heartbreaking to let go of that scene for that reason,” laments the auteur, adding, “We love them. They were the greatest.”

Creatively speaking, the scene didn’t exactly propel the episode’s plot forward though. “It was mainly Hannah eating and then realizing she has no money and skipping out on the check,” Konner shares with a chuckle. “Just part of her long day.”

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