American Gods Sneak Peek: Get Some Travel Tips From Low Key Lyesmith

American Gods Video Low Key Lyesmith Jonathan Tucker

Flying the friendly skies can be a challenge these days… especially if you’re fresh out of prison. Just ask American Gods‘ Low Key Lyesmith.

In a new sneak peek at the Starz fantasy series — premiering Sunday, April 30 — the fast-talking trickster played by Kingdom‘s Jonathan Tucker has some sage (and colorfully worded) advice for Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle): “Do not piss off those bitches in airports.”

As the two inmates work on building birdhouses — idle hands, right? — Low Key shares the cautionary tale of Johnny Larch, a guy he knew who got out of prison and got into an argument with an airline employee over his expired ID. Low Key sympathizes with Johnny’s anger (“You don’t let people disrespect you in prison. Why the f–k would he let her disrespect him as a free man?”), but the outburst got Johnny thrown right back in the slammer.

We see Ricky remembering that little life lesson when he finds himself in the airport as a free man. He’s completely polite to the woman at the counter, of course.

This is our first good look at Tucker on Gods, which is a reunion for him and co-showrunner Bryan Fuller. Tucker played psycho killer Matthew Brown on Fuller’s NBC gorefest Hannibal.

Press PLAY on the video below for your first look at Low Key Lyesmith, then hit the comments with your early American Gods thoughts.