Scandal Pilot Revisited: Can You Handle How Much This Show Has Changed?

Scandal Pilot Changes

It may be hard to believe, but there was once a time in Scandal‘s storied history when Olivia and Fitz’s relationship was still a secret, Abby wasn’t functionally drunk with power, and the name Jake Ballard meant nothing to anyone.

Ahead of Thursday’s milestone 100th episode (ABC, 9/8c) — which is set in a “what if?” reality where Defiance never rigged the election, Fitz is hitting the bottle, and Olivia is marrying… someone — TVLine is looking back at the show’s pilot, which also feels like an alternate reality, given everything that’s transpired over the course of 99 episodes.

Browse our gallery of memorable pilot moments — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment below: Do you miss Scandal‘s good ol’ days?

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