United Airlines Uproar: Kimmel's Audience Cheers (?!) Disturbing Video

Jimmy Kimmel dedicated part of his Live monologue Monday night to the disturbing viral video of a United Airlines passenger being forcibly removed from an overbooked flight — but the reaction from Kimmel’s studio was surprisingly upbeat.

For context, United made headlines early Monday after a male passenger was violently yanked out of his seat by security officers, after refusing to give up his spot on the plane for United staff members that needed to get to Louisville. Video footage shows the man being pulled from his chair, crashing into another seat’s arm rest and seemingly getting knocked out before the officers dragged him off the plane.

Strangely, though, upon seeing the disturbing footage, much of Kimmel’s audience can be heard laughing and clapping, before Kimmel remarks, “That’s how my mother used to get me out of bed to go to school every morning.”

The host then adopted a more incredulous tone, addressing the “sanitized, say-nothing, take-no-responsibility” statement from United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz, before showing a parody commercial for the embattled company.

Watch the video of Kimmel’s United segment above, then hit the comments and tell us: Was he (or his audience) being insensitive? Or was it late-night comedy as usual?

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