Pretty Little Liars Refresher: What to Remember Before the Final 10 Episodes

Pretty Little Liars Final Episodes

After 150 episodes of ‘ships and shocks, only 10 more stand between Pretty Little Liars fans and the answer they’ve been waiting (somewhat) patiently for: Who is A.D.?!

But before we can even start talking about the show’s long-awaited return (April 18, 8/7c), we’ve got a few pressing matters to sort through first. And because it’s been nearly a full year since we last saw the Liars — the 7A finale aired in Aug. 2016, believe it or not — we thought we’d help jog your memory by filling in any blanks about the Liars’ latest shenanigans:

Whose relationship is in danger? Who’s rekindling with an ex? And which fan-favorite baddie can’t seem to keep his head on straight? Or, you know, at all.

For the record, we know there are no less than a million loose threads still to be tied on this show, but the purpose of this gallery is to keep you from going, “Wait, what‘s going on?” during the opening moments of next Tuesday’s premiere.

Browse our little catch-up gallery — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your thoughts on the series’ lingering mysteries. (Any fresh theories about Spencer’s paternity?)

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