Grey's Anatomy: Could Jackson Be the 'Mistake' Maggie Is About to Make?

greys anatomy season 13 spoilers jackson maggie sex

Before Diane passed away in last week’s Grey’s Anatomy, she told daughter Maggie that she ought to “be a little slutty” and “make a mistake” — and, based on the images released from Thursday’s “What’s Inside,” it appears that she may be zeroing in on the man with whom she’s going to heed that advice: Jackson.

As Kelly McCreary, who plays Dr. Pierce, recently told TVLine, “Since all the single-ish guys [at Grey Sloan] are in these sort of ambiguous relationships right now, getting involved with any of them might give Maggie something to be messy about.” And Sarah Drew — aka April, the ex-wife with whom Jackson just, ahem, “reconnected” — has said that the former Averys’ hookup last month could merely lead to “a return to best-friendship” for them.

To take a look at the photos, click on the gallery above right. Then hit the comments. Do you think the show will go there with Maggie and Jackson? Would you like it to?

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