Late Night: Seth Meyers Calls Trump's Failed Health Care Bill a 'Big Con'

The collapse of the GOP’s American Health Care Act provided plenty of material for Late Night host Seth Meyers, who examined the defeat Monday in a new “Closer Look” segment.

In the video above, Meyers takes Republicans to task for failing to follow through on their long-promised “repeal and replace” plan for Obamacare.

“They campaigned on this for seven years, ran on it in four consecutive national elections and voted on it more than 60 times in Congress,” he explains. “And now, it turns out that was all just one big con, calling into question whether the Republican Party is even a serious governing party capable of getting things done.”

And despite President Trump’s insistence that he “never said” he would replace Obamacare in just 64 days, Meyers reminds the audience that POTUS was supposed to accomplish that much earlier: “That’s right. Trump never said 64 days. He said one day.”

Scroll up to watch Meyers’ latest “Closer Look” in full, then hit the comments and tell us what you thought.

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