Seth Meyers Accuses Trump of Stealing From SNL: 'Donald, You Ignorant Slut!'

Has President Donald Trump been watching Saturday Night Live a little too closely?

Late Night host Seth Meyers took umbrage with the Commander in Chief on Thursday, calling him out for paraphrasing Chevy Chase’s iconic Weekend Update introduction in a recent interview with Time Magazine.

“President Trump responded to questions about unsubstantiated claims he recently made by saying quote, ‘I can’t be doing so badly because I’m president and you’re not,'” Meyers reiterated. “‘I’m president and you’re not’? OK, I didn’t mind when you talked dirty with Billy Bush or asked Russia to hack Hillary’s emails, but when you start stealing bits from Weekend Update anchors, it is on.”

What’s more, it would appear we have fellow former Update anchor Norm Macdonald to thank for all of this “fake news” hysteria.

Press PLAY on Meyers’ monologue above (the Weekend Update bit begins at the :35 second mark) to see what causes him to call Trump “an ignorant slut,” then tell us if you think he’s on to something here.

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