Power Rangers Movie: Mid-Credit Scene Reveals [Spoiler]'s Arrival

Power Rangers Movie Tommy Oliver

Warning: This article reveals the mid-credit scene from the new Power Rangers movie, now in theaters. If you don’t want to be spoiled, go-go away!

Not since Clint Eastwood yelled at an invisible Barack Obama at the 2012 Republican National Convention has an empty chair stirred up this much excitement.

After months of teasers and trailers and teaser trailers, Power Rangers finally morphed into a full-fledged movie on Thursday. And while the film itself is receiving somewhat mixed reviews, there’s one thing we can all get excited about:

Midway through the film’s end credits, we’re brought to a familiar scene, with the five teens — Jason (Dacre Montgomery), the Red Ranger; Kimberly (Naomi Scott), the Pink Ranger; Billy (RJ Cyler), the Blue Ranger; Zack (Ludi Lin), the Black Ranger; and Trini (Becky G), the Yellow Ranger — back in detention. Only this time, a new name is called during attendance: Tommy Oliver, aka the Green Ranger! The camera then pans over to an empty desk… with a green jacket strewn across the chair.

Mind you, Tommy’s arrival is hardly unexpected; the character, originally played by Jason David Frank, was introduced just 17 episodes into the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in 1993. Frankly, many longtime fans of the TV series were surprised he wasn’t a main part of the first film.

In case that wasn’t enough, the movie’s official Instagram account posted this not-so-cryptic shot of the Green Ranger’s helmet on Thursday night:

Though a sequel hasn’t officially been greenlit (teehee), producer Haim Saban tells TVLine’s sister site Variety that the Power Rangers team already has a “six-movie story arc.” And with a rich well of material from the original series to pull from — including that somewhat questionable Alien Rangers story arc — I don’t doubt his word for a minute.

Your thoughts on Tommy’s “surprising” arrival? Drop ’em in a comment below.