Grey's Anatomy Mystery Solved: Meredith and Nathan Board Airplane Crisis Episode — First Photo

Grey's Anatomy

It might be time for Meredith to consider traveling by train.

TVLine has exclusively obtained the flight manifest for Grey’s Anatomy‘s latest airplane emergency-themed episode and Meredith Grey — whose history with air travel is, at best, turbulent — is among the passengers. And she’s not traveling alone. According to the airline’s records — not to mention the exclusive image above — her crush interest Nathan Riggs is on board as well. 

As we previously reported, the Chandra Wilson-helmed installment — titled “In the Air Tonight” and slated to air on April 13 — takes place almost entirely on a commercial airliner as a crisis unfolds mid-flight.

As you know, Meredith was involved in an airline disaster at the end of Grey’s Anatomy‘s eighth season. The crash claimed the life of her sister Lexie (Chyler Leigh).

Further details about “In the Air Tonight” — including the nature of the crisis (perhaps it’s a passenger and not the aircraft that’s ailing?) — are being kept under wraps. Other big questions: Why are Meredith and Nathan traveling together? Where exactly are they going? Is their first date taking place on a beach in Mexico?!

Think you have answers to any of those Qs? Please, enlighten us in the comments!

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