Arrow Photos: Is Oliver Jilting Susan? Plus: Felicity Goes Deeper With Helix

Cupid’s arrow appears to ultimately have sailed wide for Oliver and Susan, as seen in these photos from Wednesday’s episode of The CW’s Arrow.

As Oliver confessed in this week’s episode, he kinda likes being kill-y, and used his father’s “list” as an excuse to sate that desire. He then showed up at the lair to hang up his bow and get out of the crimefighting biz for good.

Will his never-easy relationship with Susan be the next casualty? Having been kidnapped by Oliver’s adversary Prometheus aka Adrian Chase, “I don’t know how you overcome that,” says co-showrunner Wendy Mericle. “I mean, Susan’s still there. She’s on the show. And we love Carly [Pope]. But for any couple that’s been through that kind of trauma – and trauma that, ultimately, Susan can trace back to Oliver in some ways – let’s just say that’s a tough thing to come back from.”

Also seen in the photo gallery, above right: Felicity continues on her “lowercase-D” (as EP Marc Guggenheim puts it) dark path with Alena and the Helix uberhacker collective.

Will Felicity’s walk on the morally iffy side only push a greater wedge between her and Oliver, or possibly bring the ex-lovers closer? “It’s funny,” Guggenheim answers, “when you say it [like that], my inclination is to say: Why not both?”

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