The Walking Dead's Tom Payne Talks Jesus and Maggie's Plan to 'Fix' Gregory

the walking dead season 7 tom payne interview

The Walking Dead’s Jesus and Maggie have known for a while that the day would come when they’d have to “handle” Gregory. But now that the Hilltop’s leader has gone so far as to threaten Jesus, the day might just have arrived. “They’ve recognized that it’s a bit more dangerous with him now,” Tom Payne told TVLine on the PaleyFest L.A. red carpet Friday. “I mean, he tried to give up Maggie and Sasha before.”

Between that treachery, Gregory’s attempt to intimidate Jesus and his overall scuzziness, “I think they’ve realized that this is something that’s not going to get better,” said the actor. “So they are thinking about how they can fix their particular predicament.”

At the same time, Jesus and Maggie are also planning for the looming war with Negan and the Saviors. Not just the Hilltop but “all of the communities are pretty much figuring out how they’re going to attack this problem,” Payne noted. “Everyone has the same problem, and the Hilltop has been dealing with that problem a lot longer than Alexandria or these other communities.”

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