Rob Lowe and Sons to Investigate the Supernatural in A&E Docuseries

Rob Lowe A&E Series

Is the Lowe family a real-life version of Supernatural‘s Winchester clan?

A&E Network on Monday announced a new docuseries called The Lowe Files, which will follow actor Rob Lowe (Code Black) and his sons — Matthew and John Owen — as they “investigate unsolved legends and eerie age-old stories on a bonding family adventure years in the making.”

Each episode will find the Lowes immersing themselves in a different “story or spooky legend,” working with “top experts” and “high-tech monitoring equipment” to seek the truth.

“Since I was a kid, I’ve loved unexplained legends, strange phenomena and the scary, supernatural stories told around campfires,” Lowe says. “When I became a father, I shared those tales with my two sons. Together we bonded over Bigfoot, UFOs, and every creepy and bizarre story we could find, passionately debating if they were real… or not. And we swore that someday the three of us would go on our own adventure to find out. That day has come.”

The nine-episode first season is set to premiere sometime this summer. Will you tune in? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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