Chicago Fire Sneak Peek: Armed Gang Members Take the Firehouse Hostage

Chicago Fire Spoilers

Chicago Fire is under siege.

In this exclusive clip from next Tuesday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c), gunshots ring out near Firehouse 51, prompting Casey and Stella to lock down the building — but not before gun-toting criminals manage to get inside.

Looking for cover from their rivals, five local gang members slip past the doors just before they close, then assume control of the firehouse. Casey and Stella don’t even have a chance to alert Chief Boden to the crisis before the gang members point guns in their faces, warning them not to move.

Despite the threat to their lives, Casey offers to call for help when he notices that one of the gangsters is seriously wounded. Unfortunately, they won’t let him use his radio, and the situation only gets more intense as the other gang drives up to 51.

Press PLAY below to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the firefighters’ scary situation.

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