Seth Meyers Blasts Trump For Proposed Meals on Wheels Defunding: 'How Dead Do You Have to Be Inside?'

Seth Meyers served President Trump a fresh plate of Whoop Ass Thursday night for unveiling a budget blueprint that, if approved, would defund one of the country’s most revered charities, Meals on Wheels.

“How dead do you have to be inside to not want old people to get food?” Meyers wondered aloud in the latest segment of his Closer Look series. “Your heart is so small it makes your tiny hands look like catchers mitts.”

Meyers took to Twitter to offer some context to his latest rant, revealing that his mother “who is also my hero” was a Meals on Wheels volunteer.

Press PLAY above to watch Meyers’ latest takedown (the Meals on Wheels stuff starts around the 8:21 mark).

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