Girls' Final Three Episodes: Is Hannah Saying 'Goodbye' to New York?

Girls HBO Series Finale Lena Dunham Hannah

As the series finale of HBO’s Girls quickly approaches, we’re still left with about a million unanswered questions. (The most pressing one being, of course: What will a pregnant Hannah decide to do about her baby?) But the loglines HBO just released for the final three episodes do shed a little (dim) light on what we might expect — including a possible move for Hannah.

The April 2 episode, “What Will We Do This Time About Adam?” will see Adam give Hannah some “surprising news.” (Are he and Jessa getting married? Or maybe the film he’s doing inspires him to beg Hannah for another chance?) Plus, Shoshanna runs into her old boss Abigail (SNL‘s Aidy Bryant), who infuses her oral-history project with Ray “with new energy.” Could this be a new career path for Shosh? (And a possible rekindling for her and Ray — who really do belong together?)

The penultimate installment, airing April 9, is titled “Goodbye Tour,” in which Hannah has “an important meeting” and “reaches out to friends for advice.” Maybe she’s considering an abortion — we already know how Elijah feels about that — but the title also suggests she might be leaving New York City. Does she get a big new job offer that would take her and her baby out of the five boroughs? Or does she track down baby daddy/surf instructor Paul-Louis (Riz Ahmed) and decide to raise the kid with him?

The April 16 series finale is entitled “Latching,” which is a breast-feeding term, so that implies a baby in her future. But of course, that could just be misdirection. The episode description is predictably scant — “Hannah embarks on a new chapter” — but it feels like, even if she doesn’t keep the baby, Hannah’s ready to move on… and maybe move out, too?

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