Fox's Type-A Comedy Pilot Adds Richter, Bornheimer, Marino and Harris

Type-A cast

This is a lot of big Type-A personalities for one sitcom.

On the heels of news that Eva Longoria is set to star in Fox’s consultant-themed workplace comedy pilot, TVLine has learned that the Desperate Housewives alum will be joined by Conan sidekick Andy Richter, Casual‘s Kyle Bornheimer, Party Down‘s Ken Marino and The Practice‘s Steve Harris.

The potential series centers on a team of corporate consultants hand-picked to do the dirty work most professionals can’t handle (i.e. layoffs, downsizing, etc.). Richter will play Luderman, a master manipulator who makes Machiavelli look like a sweetheart; Bornheimer will portray Ben, an Army vet with one leg who is the moral compass of the office; Marino is set as Garland, a slick, charming attorney — and total shark — who also happens to be the ex of Longoria’s ambitious Axler; and Harris will play Carson, the security chief with an intimidating physical presence who has a soft spot for his show poodle.

Before you go declaring Longoria the Smurfette of the bunch, a Type-A rep tells TVLine that an additional female role is still being cast.

Penned by Life in Pieces scribe Lesley Wake-Webster, Type-A is loosely based on the book Assholes: A Theory by Aaron James. Jason Winer (The Crazy Ones, Modern Family) is set to direct the pilot.

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