black-ish Sneak Peek: Bow's Baby Bump Will Not Be Ignored!

Bow’s pregnancy hits a little, ahem, bump in the road in Wednesday’s black-ish (ABC, 9:30/8:30c), and we have an exclusive first look at the, ahem, expanding crisis. (No more puns, promise!)

In the episode, titled “Manternity,” Bow expresses concern that if word gets out at work that she’s with child it could derail her chances of becoming a partner. Cut to the most awkward fashion montage in history, which culminates in Dre bluntly informing his baby mama that there is not a single piece of clothing in existence capable of concealing her swollen tummy.

Bow, in turn, resorts to Plan B: hiding behind stuff, including, but not limited to, the hospital’s crash cart. Which is all fine and dandy until someone, you know, crashes.

Press PLAY above and watch Tracee Ellis Ross, ahem, deliver the comedy goods. (OK, I lied about the puns; so sue me.)

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