Late Night: Inspector Gadget Responds to Kellyanne Conway's Shout-Out

Take note, President Trump: Inspector Gadget does not want to be dragged into your wiretapping kerfuffle.

The cartoon detective broke his silence on Late Night With Seth Meyers Monday night, following statements made by presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway that she is “not Inspector Gadget” and doesn’t really believe that “people are using the microwave to spy on the Trump campaign” — despite earlier remarks that the kitchen appliance could somehow be used for surveillance.

“And when Inspector Gadget heard that, he said, ‘Even I think you’re crazy, and my hat turns into a helicopter,'” Meyers relayed to the audience during a new “Closer Look” segment. (Ryan Murphy, we’ve got your next season of Feud right here.)

After tackling President Trump’s unproven wiretapping claims (which allege that President Obama tapped Trump Tower’s phones during the 2016 election), Meyers turned to the Republicans’ newly released health care plan, which he called “the same old failed GOP policies that Trump claimed to be against.”

Watch the latest “Closer Look” in full above, then hit the comments with all of your thoughts — Inspector Gadget-related and otherwise.

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